​Lost Ark: Shangra Island Mokoko Seed Locations


Looking for all of the Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Shangra Island? This guide can help you track them down.

The Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark are entirely significant items that can help you open various rewards in the game. Mokoko Seeds are numerous and can be hard to find, yet they are definitely worth the effort. Lost Ark Gold is also very important in Lost Ark, which has a wide range of uses in the game. I know it is cheaper to buy lost ark gold on P2Pah official website.

Out of the north of 1,200 Mokoko Seeds in this game, whenever you're finished with this guide you will be 7 seeds closer to completing the assortment. 7 Seeds may not seem like a ton, yet it's a decent step in the correct heading.

First Seed

The first seed you will be in search of will be situated on the furthest right of the guide close to the Brilliant Peach Plantation. You will see some pink trees on the right side of the way. You will follow the way between these pink trees and stroll past the upcoming peach trees.

Follow the stone wall until you come to a brief telling you to "feel the energy". When you complete this, you will transport to a field of lavender in Blossom Nursery of Style. In the event that you head downward, you will find the seed. In the event that you walk straight, you will find a chest for certain important items.

Second Seed

Heading up from the first seed, you will find the following one. At the point when you spawn close to the monster peach, you will stroll to one side through the trees and afterward leap to the precipice on the other side of a small channel you likely won't find on the guide itself.

Yet again you will stroll between two pink trees and be provoked to "feel the energy". Subsequent to being magically transported to the Hydra Sanctuary loaded up with a calming field of blue plants, you will go to the extreme right where you will find the second seed close to the stone wall. Remember the chest just over the seed in this space.

Third Seed

Continue heading up the guide where you'll see a couple of goliath peaches. When you magically transport there, you will run behind the purple blossom and down the way over these huge fruits. At the point when you arrive at the cavern, you will be asked to "feel the energy".

After the Peach Wine Energy resonates through you, you will enter a lovely field of glowing flowers in a space called Waterfall of Edification. Follow the way upwards, and you'll arrive at a nest in the center of a shallow pool of water.

Toward your left, there is a waterfall and right at the highest point of this waterfall is the third seed.

Fourth Seed

You will make a beeline for the center of the guide. You will need to go close to the downward pointing bolt, beneath the fuchsia mark in the center of the guide. You will head down the close by bluff using the gave vines.

The seed will be close to the edge of this next precipice after you drop, close to a cluster of pink flowers.

Fifth Seed

Go to the center of the left piece of the guide over the blue arrows. Go to a slightly covered up way in the bamboo brush. You will follow the stone walls until you arrive at a small opening and a precipice.

Stroll to one side, and you will be asked to "feel the energy" by and by. You will magically transport to a clearing with peaches spilling from a basket at Monkey Base. Make a beeline for the highest point of this area close to the glowing flowers, and you will find the fifth seed. Remember to gather the items in the chest situated before the seed before you leave.

Sixth Seed

Head up that left side of the guide until you move beyond the second blue bolt before the third. At the point when you show up, you will go to one side to leap to a lower edge. Continue to run downwards until you arrive at the brief to "feel the energy".

When you show up to Flamingo Practice Ground in the wake of teleporting, a Happy Totoiki will be directly before you. Run straight down past it, and you will see the seed situated in the shadows close to the stone wall.

Seventh Seed

The final seed will be situated at the upper left piece of the guide over the goliath peach symbol. You will see a small house. At the point when you're at the front entryway, you will need to run upwards and to one side, reaching the side of the building. You will get a brief saying "look". Follow the control to get the secret seed.