Mastering Sorceries: An 80 Speed Run Guide for Elden Ring


In the mystical realm of Elden Ring, speedrunning has become a thrilling and challenging pursuit for gamers seeking to conquer the game in record time. Today, we embark on an 80-speed run journey focused solely on sorceries. This guide will walk you through the intricate steps to set up your build, collect essential Elden Ring items, and defeat formidable bosses as swiftly as possible. Fasten your seatbelts as we dive straight into the fray without a lengthy introduction.

Setting Up the Sorcery Build:

Our quest begins with the acquisition of a crafting kit and the essential Boy torrent. Heading towards the Third Church of America, we pick up the Ashovore Golden Wow and the Favors Cookbook. At the church, the Physics Flask becomes a valuable asset, and we unlock the spell that will be our mainstay throughout the run – Carrion Slicer. Clearing obstacles, including the enigmatic Mr. Pumpkin Head, grants us access to the Royal Knight scroll containing the coveted spell.

Navigating Fort Hive and Celia Town of Sorcery:

Utilizing a teleporter behind the church, we reach Caleb, securing the second half of the Dectus Medallion. The journey continues with simple Skyrim horse maneuvering to bypass the town's puzzle section. With a glitch that prevents the boss AI activation, we effortlessly collect the Saad Staff, our main weapon for sorcery builds, and the Summer 5 Smithing Stone for later use.

Confronting the First Boss – The DTs:

Embarking on a pure sorcery run, we skip Renala and head into Leonia. A stop at the Divine Tower rewards us with the Carrion Greenstone Staff. We then teleport to EG, obtaining the necessary runes and unlocking access to Detective Swift. The challenge intensifies as we face the draconic Three Sentinels, utilizing a unique cheese strategy to overcome the formidable foes.

Acquiring Essential Items:

Before tackling major bosses, we secure the Ritual Sword Talisman from Gal Gilika and the Magic Shroud and Cracked Hermit from the Archery Avatar in Northern Liernia. Dispatching the bosses with Carrion Slicer, we systematically build our character's strength.

Confronting Demigods and Godric:

With the necessary setup complete, we proceed to take down demigods in the realm, facing challenges and employing strategic dodges. The journey leads us to Godric, overcoming obstacles and utilizing Pebbles for unexpected encounters.

The Climax – Defeating the Album Throne:

Our path takes us to the mountainous Giants' realm, where we collect Smithing Stones to upgrade our staff to its maximum potential. Facing the Fire Giant, we navigate through the challenges and upgrade our staff to +10. The subsequent encounters with bosses like Morgo and Gideon test our skills and improvisation, adding an extra layer of excitement to the speed run.

The Final Stretch – Elden Beast and Radagon:

As we ascend the mountain peaks, Elden Beast presents a formidable challenge, showcasing the unpredictability of boss encounters. Radagon adds further complexity to the run, requiring precision and perseverance. With an improvised strategy, we triumph over the challenges and reach the ultimate goal.


Elden Ring's 80-speed run with sorceries proves to be a thrilling and demanding endeavor. Navigating through intricate paths, confronting powerful bosses, and adapting to unexpected situations make this speed run a true test of skill and strategy. Whether you're a seasoned speedrunner or a casual player seeking a new challenge, mastering sorceries in Elden Ring offers an exhilarating gaming experience.

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