​Mid equipment to your Pamethysts or prubies


Just trying to clean out a few equipment that can be beneficial to others for p amethysts and p rubies. Any affordable provide accepted!

These are Ladder PC objects

Removed offered objects from list


3os Mage Plate 239def

3os Mage Plate 235def

4os Eth Ornate Plate 670def

0os Eth Ornate Plate 627def

0os Eth Great Hauberk 747def

0os Eth Boneweave 690def

0os Eth Archon Plate 693def

4os Superior Loricated Mail 556def (12?/15percentdura)

4os Eth Mancatcher

0os Eth Colossus Voulge

4os Superior Flail

6os Phase Blade

5os Phase Blade


Verdungo's +36vit/13percentdr

Stealskull 235?/46percentmf

Crown of Thieves 10percentll/95percenteg non-eth 199?

2x Frostburns

2x Magefists

Alma Negra +1/72?/66percentar


Witchwild String

Eschuta's +1 Sorc, 19% Light, 14% Fire, +22 energy


2x Laying of Hands

Trang's Gloves

Aldur's Helm


Assassin Torch 10/14

Assassin Torch 10/19

+1 Martial Arts +21 Life (Asn)

Gheed's 118/13/28


Rainbow Facet 4/3 Fire lvl up (blue)


Crescent Moon Amulet 15/6

Blood Circle Ring (+4 min, +105ar, 4% lifestyles leech, 9%@bloodless/hearthplace/poison, 16%@mild face up to, dmg decreased through 2)

Skull Finger Ring (lvl thirteen req) (10?r, +15ar, +19mana, 30% mild face up to, plr 25%)

Dwarf Star

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