NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete Odds Reveal Favorites And Dark Horse Contenders


Every major sports team is looking forward to the next, and the same goes for the odds makers when it comes to NBA 2K23.

The outlook for upcoming NBA 2K23 cover athletes and candidates is now revealed before the announcement of the coming weeks.

NBA 2K23 covers the odds of top athletes and competitors

We’re probably about a month away from unveiling the athlete’s NBA 2K23 coverage, as they tend to start this cycle in July before the September release.

With the NBA Finals also coming to an end, some players will make the final case to reach the NBA 2K23 claim.

There are two competitors in that final, and stable performance may be what is required, but we already know who is the favorite.

According to SportsBetting Media, NBA Referee MVP Nikola Jokic is likely to be the favorite NBA 2K23 cover athlete.

Here are the top eight NBA 2K23 athlete coverage challengers and their odds (smaller numbers mean higher odds):

   • Nikola Jokic +125

   • Joel Embiid +200

   • Jayson Tatum +400

   • Steph Curry +500

   • Ja Morant +600

   • Devin Booker +2500

   • LaMelo Ball +2500

   • Trae Young +2500

Jason Tatum and Steph Curry are currently battling to see if their team will become champions this season, but every team can already cover NBA 2K23.

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