​Old School Runescape's Upcoming Skill is a Blast From the Past


Old School Runescape is adding a 'new' skill soon, however it's not actually as 'new' of an idea as certain players may accept it is.

As some may be aware, Old School RuneScape as of late passed a survey where the Sailing skill won out. Jagex is right now dealing with how it will carry out this skill in a way players would appreciate. Notwithstanding its new surveying, Sailing has been in the personalities of the local area for longer than many may be aware.

Old School RuneScape's Sailing skill has actually been an idea that's floated around RuneScape's people group starting around 2008. It has a significantly longer history than the majority of the new skills that have at any point come to RuneScape. Hence, the Sailing skill is has been bound to happen as well.

The Origins of RuneScape's Famous Sailing Skill

Back in July 2008, an image would surface online of a skill called "Sailing" found on the leader board on the RuneScape site. A little later, a YouTube video would also spring up, including more "evidence" that Sailing planned to be the following upcoming skill. To the local area's chagrin, this would be uncovered as only a joke by Mod Dave on the Runescape discussions. In spite of it being uncovered as a joke, this wouldn't prevent players from wanting the skill. RuneScape fans kept on pitching the Sailing skill to Jagex from that point forward, trusting that one day the joke from 2008 would turn into a reality.

Among then and presently, Jagex would take advantage of this open door in various ways, although often in a significantly more mischievous way than some may have anticipated. For example, Sailing was associated with several April Imbeciles' pranks, where Jagex would constantly tease the incorporation of the skill. This may have played a large part in the networks' inability to relinquish this skill, as both the engineer of the game and the players appeared to be unable to forget about it. It especially seemed like the skill that the RuneScape people group was searching for, yet it seemed like could never come to be executed. All things considered, it wasn't because of a lack of endeavoring.

In 2015, a Dev Blog by Mod Ronan would be released, detailing the implementation of a Sailing skill into Old School RuneScape. It finally appeared as in the event that Sailing would finally make its way into RuneScape, after 7 long years. In any case, it actually had to pass the player-casted a ballot surveys that RuneScape was so famous for. When the aftereffects of the survey came in, many wound up let downward on seeing that the Sailing survey failed by 7%. Because of this, the Sailing skill wouldn't be heard of in an official capacity for a seriously significant time-frame. In any case, that was until Old School RuneScape's 2023 skill survey.

In December 2022, Jagex uploaded a video stating it wanted to add a new skill to Old School RuneScape and would be releasing an exhaustive and detailed survey finally. This survey would accompany 3 skills: Shamanism, Taming, and Sailing. And after 15 years of waiting, Old School RuneScape Sailing was affirmed as a new skill coming to the game. Sailing would win the survey by only .3% to the next in line: Shamanism. So, it actually has to go through another survey to guarantee that the RuneScape people group finds its presentation satisfying. In any case, taking into account how dedicated Jagex is by all accounts in creating and adding a great, new skill to the game, almost certainly, it will pass that as well.

It almost seems like predetermination that the Sailing skill would finally make its way into the game in an official capacity. Regardless of whether it end up being quite possibly of RuneScape's most profitable skill, it will in any case probably have a beneficial outcome on the local area all in all.

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