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I've observed that the RS3 content material creators are all almost the equal. One of...

Boss kill time records

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Are there any creators that create real content material, rather than simply regurgitating the updates which might be published at the RS3 page? I suggest, I can study the page, too.

I can't appear to discover any. Lemme realize what you have were given. Such is the character of MMO content material introduction.

OSRS creators are comparable. They both do Ironman series, 0gp - Max Cash, or PKing content material, with a few smaller outliers. As you stage up and get deeper into the sport, there may be simply much less content material to often show. A tremendous instance is the OSRS Ironman content material, wherein it can take a month at better stages to create a video with the equal quantity of content material as the sooner movies, wherein the quicker profits can also additionally have taken location over every week.

IMO the outliers are the diamonds withinside the rough. Gridlocked, Swampletics, Tileman are really wonderful thrilling content material in comparison to the standard Ironman, max coins, pk-ing content material as you mentioned.

Only desire that there have been some thing comparable for RS3 however likely now no longer viable - for some thing like Gridlocked you would want a tremendous aim in line with place e.g. Mage Arena 2 in Wildy however for RS3 its simply Mage Arena and not anything else?; for some thing like Swampletics you would want to definitely farm not unusualplace mobs to get system which is sort of not possible for RS3 except, you teach like Hunter to eighty three and get Dragon Longsword from Dragon impling or some thing; for some thing like Tileman, now no longer having a plugin to assist preserve tune of the entirety and desiring to do it manually might be a large ache withinside the ass.

The closest in RS3 might be Evil Lucario's bossing feats however on the cease of the day, that doesnt translate lots into youtube content material due to the fact the very last video is the real kill and perhaps even speeded up and the months of labor he placed in, you handiest watch like 5minutes (except you trap his flow). Compared to Swampletics which turned into like what? 2.5 years and had 12 hours really well worth of content material and also you get to look at each step of the adventure rather than simply the very last a success TOB run.

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