Skull and Bones: A sense of accomplishment or progress


I must disagree with the assertion that there's no sense of accomplishment or progression in Skull and Bones. Granted, the acquisition of new ships or weapons may seem relatively straightforward, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Yes, you can sail around for a short while, sink a few ships for materials, gather resources from trees, and refine them at NPCs, but this oversimplification ignores the strategic decisions and planning required to optimize your progress.

Skull and Bones: A sense of accomplishment or progress

Regarding hostile takeovers, I understand your frustration with the imbalance of aggro and progression among players. It's an issue that needs addressing to ensure a fair and engaging experience for all participants.

As for the naval focus of the game, I acknowledge that there are areas where realism could be improved, such as the behavior of sails in relation to the wind. This is a valid criticism that the developers should consider addressing in future updates.

Regarding the price point, I understand your concerns about the perceived value of the game compared to its cost. It's true that Skull and Bones may not offer enough content to justify a $70 or €90 price tag, especially considering the limited endgame loop and the lack of substantial updates to address reported bugs. However, I believe it's important to consider the potential for future content and improvements when evaluating the game's long-term value.

While comparing Skull and Bones to Sea of Thieves can be informative, it's essential to recognize the unique strengths and weaknesses of each game. While certain features from Sea of Thieves, such as treasure hunting and customizable sea shanties, could enhance the experience in Skull and Bones, it's essential to maintain the game's distinct identity and focus on naval combat.

Ultimately, while criticism is valid and can help drive improvements, it's essential to approach it constructively and with an understanding of the game's design and intended audience. Buying a game with full knowledge of its features and limitations, only to express surprise or disappointment when certain expected elements are absent, is counterproductive and unfair to both developers and fellow players.

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