​Surefour executes masterful thoughts sport in DAD


The new multiplayer dungeon fable sport Dark and Darker pits treasure hunters towards one another, regularly ensuing in comical participant-vs-participant interactions. And closing night, former Overwatch League seasoned Surefour pulled off one of the finest movements of deception you'll ever see.

Finding his manner into a piece of a clumsy situation, an opponent accused him of “cheating” in proximity voice chat after he hopped round a nook and dealt a blow to the unsuspecting opponent.

Taking the accusation personally, Surefour commenced to give an explanation for how he knew that the character became hiding across the nook, or even referred to that the character by chance spoke in proximity chat revealing his location.

“No, no, I noticed him pass in stealth due to the afterimage, and I noticed you do it proper after, plus you have been the use of your voice,” he said.

Upon understanding that his accusation became unwarranted, the opposite participant attempted to motive with Surefour with the aid of using asking him for a “favor.”

“Can you fuck off?” the opposite participant said.

As the phrases got here out of his mouth, Surefour jumped and yelled “no honor amongst thieves” as he attacked the character, killing them to stop the hilariously awkward stalemate of an interaction.

Dark and Darker has now no longer been formally launched, however playtests for the sport have brought about many funny interactions and outplays in PvP situations. Since turning into playable on Monday, the sport has 7.7 million hours watched in keeping with Sully Gnome, with famous creators like Sodapoppin, MoonMoon, and CohhCarnage gambling it on stream.

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