The Ultimate Rune Farm in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree


If you want to level up fast in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, you're in luck! I found the craziest rune farm that earns 880,000 to 1,250,000 runes per minute without combat. That's over a million runes every 10 minutes! This method works from the moment you enter the DLC, without having to defeat any bosses. If you think earning runes through this guide is still too slow, here's a good platform to recommend to everyone: Players can buy Elden Ring items and Elden Ring Runes from MMOexp to give better options for weapons. Let's get started!


To get started, you need to reach the Ra Ancient Ruins East site of Grace. If you’re already there, feel free to skip ahead. For those who haven’t reached this point, follow the detailed instructions below.

How to Reach Ra Ancient Ruins East

1. From Gravite Plain Site of Grace (DLC Spawn Point)

1. Head north to the Three Path Cross site of Grace.

2. Proceed northeast across the bridge to the Castle Front site of Grace.

3. Follow the path until you encounter a cliff. Jump down carefully and ride down the cliff area to a pond with a massive crab.

2. Navigate Through the Castle and Beyond

1. Ride past the crab and continue up the path to find a spirit spring. Use it to jump up to a higher ledge.

2. Break the seal on a pile of white stones to unlock another spirit spring. Use this to reach the Fort of Reprimand.

3. Run past the enemies to the side of Grace within the fort, then exit through the main gate.

3. Continue Past Major Obstacles

1. From the next site of Grace, head past a dragon and reach the North Ruins site of Grace.

2. Follow the mine section path, drop onto a ledge, and climb a ladder to reach Bonnie Village.

3. Head through Bonnie Village, cross broken bridges, and reach the Church District High Road site of Grace.

4. Final Stretch to Ra Ancient Ruins East

1. Proceed northwest through a tunnel to the Church District entrance.

2. Follow the rooftops, dodging enemies, until you reach a lift. Use it to access the Storehouse Back Section site of Grace.

3. Head left, past enemies, using another lift to the Viaduct Minor Tower site of Grace.

4. Continue past ghost enemies and scorpions to reach a door. Open it and navigate to another lift.

5. Use the spirit spring to fall down safely, then head left and follow the path to Ra Ancient Ruins East site of Grace.

Farming Runes

Once you’re at Ra Ancient Ruins East, it’s time to start farming!

1. Preparation

1. Equip the Golden Scarab Talisman to boost Rune acquisition by 20%.

2. Use Gold-Pickled Fowl Feet or Golden Horn Tenders to increase Rune gains by an additional 50-60%.

3. Pass time until nightfall for increased Rune drops from certain enemies.

2. Farming Method

1. Stand near the ledge by the pillar. A Furnace Golem will notice you and start powering up an attack.

2. Wait for the Golem to fire a massive spiral of flame. As soon as you see it, run to the site of Grace and rest.

3. The flame will kill all enemies on the bridge, granting you Runes. Resting will respawn the enemies, who will be instantly killed again by the lingering flame, doubling your Rune gain.

4. Rest again to reset and repeat the process.


Using this method you can earn at least 5 million runes per hour with minimal effort. In order to save your time and avoid wasting too much effort to experience new content, you can elden ring items buy on MMoexp with competitive prices, instant delivery, professional services and security guarantee. Happy farming!