Throne and Liberty:Comprehensive Guide to the Crossbow-Dagger Build


Welcome fellow adventurers! If you're a fan of fast-paced action combat or a fan of the assassin playstyle, you've probably been eagerly awaiting this guide. Today, I'll be walking you through my crossbow-dagger (or dagger-crossbow) build, providing insights into how I built it, what the focus was, and possible tweaks to make for the best experience. Before we dive in, I want to share a very popular platform for players: MMOexp is a very reliable online marketplace for Throne and Liberty coins. They have a strict verification process to ensure the legitimacy of their products, so every user can buy with confidence. By using mmoexp, you can easily get Throne and Liberty Lucent coins. If you face any trading-related issues, you can also contact the 24/7 customer service. However, keep in mind that it takes dedication and high attributes to achieve such a level of damage. Let's get started!

Getting Started: Understanding the Build

Early Game Struggles

Starting with this build can be challenging. Early and mid-game experiences are tough, and the build truly shines only at higher levels with significant stat boosts and traits. This build scales heavily with dexterity, and its true potential becomes apparent much later in the game.

Initial Mistake: Dagger as Main

When I first played, I focused on the dagger as my main weapon. This was a major mistake. Currently, daggers are better suited as off-hand weapons. I recommend starting with the crossbow as your main weapon to ease your leveling process.

Build Progression Strategy

Early Game Focus

1. Quick Fire: Prioritize upgrading Quick Fire early. Aim to get it to blue quality.

2. Mortal Mark: Upgrade Mortal Mark to blue next.

3. Shadow Strike: After the first two, focus on getting Shadow Strike to blue for the bind effect.

These skills will help you deal damage effectively early on without needing the silence effect from Shadow Strike.

Mid to Late Game Upgrades

1. Predatory Strike: Upgrade Predatory Strike to blue.

2. Brutal Incision: Get Brutal Incision to purple.

3. Venom and Shadow Strike: Work on upgrading Venom and Shadow Strike to purple, based on your preference.

Passive Skills Approach

Passives play a critical role in enhancing your build. Here’s a recommended progression:

1. Nature's Power: Provides a flat damage bonus.

2. Peruse Poison: Enhances poison duration and damage.

3. Assassin Step: Once rare, it regenerates mana with each kill, solving early mana issues.

Late Game Passives

1. Assassin’s Instinct: Focus on this at endgame for critical hits.

2. Shadow Walker: For PvP scenarios, prioritize this.

3. Ambidexterity: Increase off-hand weapon proc chances significantly.

Skill Usage and Combos

In terms of skill usage, here's a quick combo guide:

1. Poison -> Selfless Infiltration

2. Gale -> Mortal Mark -> Nimble Leap

3. Quick Fire -> Predatory Strike -> Brutal Incision

Proc off-hand weapons to maximize damage output.

Gear Recommendations

For endgame gear, aim for the Ghost Wolf Set:

· Helmet: Dropped by Chernobog.

· Armor: Dropped by Morai.

· Gloves: Dropped by Shadowed Crypt.

This set enhances your off-hand weapon attack chance, which is crucial for this build.

Weapon Choices

· Daggers: Prioritize weapons with high dexterity and critical hit bonuses. Future goals should include tent weapons for further enhancements.

· Crossbows: Focus on those with ranged hit, critical hit, and heavy attack chances.

Stat Allocation

While leveling:

1. Perception: Prioritize perception, aiming for 25-30 points.

2. Dexterity: Increase dexterity progressively.

3. Wisdom and Strength: Balance these stats according to your needs.

At endgame, focus primarily on dexterity for maximum damage output.

Traits and Mana/Health Management

· Mana and Health Regeneration: Aim for 400-600 in both to ensure sustainability.

· Evasion: Prefer ranged and magic evasion over melee for better survivability in mass PvP.

Final Tips

· Guild and Party: This build excels in mass PvP scenarios with a solid guild and party support.

· Ping and FPS: Ensure you have a stable connection and good FPS to fully enjoy this build.

That wraps up our comprehensive guide to the crossbow-dagger build. Feel free to tweak and experiment with the recommendations based on your playstyle and preferences. Finally, whether you are a novice or an old hand, if you want to complete the task easily, it is a good choice to buy gold coins in exchange for powerful weapons and equipment through MMOexp. At the same time, MMOexp that TL Lucent buy and has the advantages of high transaction efficiency and more discounts compared with other platforms.