Tips For Amy's Competitor Challenge


A total of 3 attempts were made, and the 3rd did the following, winning by 10 points.

Earn the Bronze Worm Badge for all 3 players. You have 3 defenders (Jabbar, Old Man Walton, Westbrick) who can all rebound well. I noticed that I gave up too many second chances in the first game. I noticed better results even with the smallest worm badge.

Place a bronze intimidation device on Luke Walton. He's your biggest player and most likely to guard any big man trying to score. This will help him miss out on some opportunities that your Worm badge (see above) can be used to convert into transition opportunities.

When you get a rebound, preferably with Jefferson (because his shot is an ass), Luke is your best bet. In transition, ideally, you would pass to Luke and get a 3. His shots (at least to me) feel the easiest to pick up and the least likely to be blocked.

If you're dunking by sending a PNR, Jefferson is probably your best bet, followed by Luke. Stoudameyer (sp?) can't dunk, don't bother trying.

If you do it well, your assist may come from your pass D. If you're missing a few, naturally, no 5, run PNR, Jefferson at the top, Luke sets the screen, it's better for Westbrook to guard one of them so you don't get blocked. You might have to force the toggle somehow to align it, but it's worth it.

It's better for your mental state, but don't stress over agenda items until you hit 50. You will most likely get agenda items naturally. Focus on winning first, being successful, then assessing what agendas you're missing at 50 and addressing them (i.e. worst case you might need someone to get their 4th or 5th assist)

If you're still struggling to win after taking these steps, consider using shoes to help inside D, defensive rebounds, maybe 3 goals, and maybe upgrade some of the above badges above bronze. But at least don't over-level up until you try Bronze, because once you win, you're less likely to use these players again.

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