​Torn among mage or warlock for my primary in Wotlk pve


Already requested this on a unique subreddit however any more evaluations assist, it might be honestly appreciated.

Anyways, the identify says it. Not certain which to primary. I actually hate how warlock performed in TBC pve because of the 1 button shadowbolt junk mail, that I simply give up it in P1 and mained arcane mage for the relaxation of TBC, which became loads extra a laugh in my view because of the burst phases/mana management.

However, I am beginning to get burnt out of arcane and it looks as if all mages might be arcane in wotlk at the least in early phases. We do get missile barrage, however I am nevertheless watching for the playstyle to be very similar.

And whilst hearthplace, I nevertheless pay attention each specifications are like 2 buttons at the same time as maximum lessons are extra engaging. However, I understand it has warm streak that's outstanding due to the fact I discover proc primarily based totally gameplay a laugh(additionally love big numbers too).

I pay attention that warlocks on the alternative hand, are basically a completely new magnificence(much like DK's are) in pve in comparison to TBC. I might preferably want to play destro as their rotation appears extraordinary a laugh with burst harm and big numbers which I revel in, basically looks as if a extra a laugh mage.

Demo, on the alternative hand, additionally seems like a blast with the proc stuff, however I might preferably select destro. However, I pay attention plenty of humans announcing destro isn't always too outstanding. Will I be doing low DPS and battle to discover a raid spot as destro?

Demo additionally appears extraordinary a laugh(can also be my component because of me announcing I loved proc gameplay) however I need to play destro a hundred% if possible. Chaos bolt, nuff stated. I am a piece iffy approximately pain, I heard it does first-rate DPS however I am now no longer certain how a whole lot of a fan I am of dot juggling play styles.

Based on the whole thing I stated, which will be the higher in shape? I actually have each lessons at 70 proper now, so leveling is a non-problem. Thanks a lot.

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