​Weapon Item & Rune Drop Rates/Locations


Farming for specific items can be a bit of an enigma when playing this game, and can exhaust you. You should work with the resources you have, and then find an area that you can clear easily over and over again. As you progress, you'll discover d2r items here and there to improve your game or allow you to trade it you are online. There is no way to swiftly master all the different things which are beneficial for all things. Keep running stones and crystals with flawless polish. Keep a few gems to make crafts with. Learn how to craft the cube, which could help you in your quest, like the caster belt, blood ring, caster amulet and blood helm (for the mercenary, primarily with bloodhelm).

The items drop (AFAIK) according to their level of item, their the tier (IE extraordinary, normal or elite) and to a smaller extent, the monster drop table (I do not know if drop tables make a significant difference, unless you're targeting farms like... Wraiths due to their higher rune drop probability).

In general, you should examine what your character's damage output is, and the factors that keep the character alive. Then, you can find the most dangerous levels 85+ to speed-clean. Level 85 zones are able to drop almost any unique item game item.

Do you want to play a blizzard or meteor frozen orb, as well as hyda? Teleporting mephisto to moat and fooling him is an efficient , but brain dead method to gain some great loot fast and early on the ladder.

Are you playing a melee that is not teleporting class? Improve you life leech, and your survival statistics up to a point where you are able to tackle some of the A1 zones with ease and then run the pits in the tamoe highlands (best to start starting from the outermost cloister, wp).

This is one of the most accessible and populated areas in the game for a melee character to traverse for loot drops.

Javazon? Hell cows is your best friend!

Additionally, OPEN CHESTS!! It's not an unnecessary effort If you're quick and quickly while you go!

Like others have said, do not worry about targeting farming Instead, search for a d2r monster resist chart, buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Items and then locate zones with monster levels of 85. Begin to clear since these zones are the most likely to drop everything in the game!

Also, I'm not an expert in any way, however I've played d2 since the release of the game, so if have any questions , please feel at ease to contact me via PM and I'll be sure to assist you.