What Version of RuneScape Is the Best Version?


Since the introduction of RuneScape 3, there has been a heated debate on what version is superior. Although RuneScape 3 was a hugely very popular game, the numerous private servers that were available for earlier versions of RuneScape indicated that a large portion of the players prefers the older version. Both camps have their opinions and we'll explore these.

RuneScape 3

RuneScape 3 with no obvious updated graphics, has numerous other changes. One of them comes from the inclusion of microtransactions that allow you to spend real money as well as purchase a membership to gain an advantage within the game. There are a variety of rewards such as experiences lamps. This is among the reasons RS3 gold is so expensive.

The latest version features a different method of advancement. It has more minigames to play, dungeons and minigames, and a myriad of other activities. Even without the use of experience lamps players can improve their skills quicker in RS3 than they could in Old School RuneScape. This means the game is more suited for casual users who, due to some reason, aren't capable of spending as much time playing.

RS3 may also go under the abbreviation EoC which stands as Evolution of Combat. This is the name of the combat system, which has transformed the game away from simple click-based combat to a complex and diverse combat system. EoC introduced a range of skills and spells to the three styles of combat that allow for nearly unlimited customization as well as more exciting combat interactions. Although it was considered infidelity by some players, however, many embraced it as refreshing. There's an option to switch back to the classic combat system at any time in RS3 to allow for both kinds of players.

Old School RuneScape

A significant portion of scapers longed for an older version of the game over several years. The rise of private servers has proven that there was a demand for the older version of the game and the demand was massive. OSRS a.k.a"RuneScape07" is the title of the game that was released at the time of its release on August 10, 2007. This version of the game was picked randomly. Jagex team discovered an old save and started it up, and to everyone's delight, it worked!

In the beginning, OSRS was only accessible to members. It was designed to be maintained by a small group of people and not even developed. With the growing popularity, poll booths were added. Then updates. The game was then made available to players who wanted to play for free. In the following updates, small ones morphed into larger ones until OSRS was a distinct game of its own.

It is possible to say that at present, OSRS is not so "old-new" as a matter of fact, since it has received lots of new material. However, it still retains the essence of the original game. Skilling remains the same thing, but there aren't any Teleports to be found at the beginning of the game, nor is there any method to get leveled faster, other than buying exp lamps. There is a fact that there are other methods of advancing skills, and some require an injection of RuneScape gold, however, it's still approximately the same time to raise the skill to 99, as it was earlier in the day. OSRS community members were strongly opposed to the idea of double XP weekends being added to the game after they were added to RS3 and it appears that Jagex has remained with the system.


The debate over which game is superior is not a valid one. The games differ enough to attract various audiences, and therefore it's not possible to say that RS3 is superior to OSRS and the reverse is true. RS3 is a great game with a number of changes to the quality of life which means that things are less time crafting, it is easier to do as well as a variety of time-consuming tasks can be completed with a semi-AFKing. There is a larger team of people working on RS3 It receives many changes, including major ones too. There are frequent events taking place.

OSRS is, on the other hand, is more akin to the older RPG games, in which players were required to earn every single thing. They do earn as OSRS does not have the same convenience as its older sibling. This feeling of achievement is certainly appealing to a few gamers. The game's simplicity is appealing and shouldn't be seen as being "worse". A large amount of gamers online is proof of this.

The bottom line is that it's an individual choice and the one you prefer is more beneficial to you. RS3 is not as demanding in terms of time and, in general, isn't as brutal: omitting one item from the bank is an easy "whoops" instead of another 10 minutes of running. OSRS is more challenging in terms of time but retains the essence of the old MMORPGs. Investing more time will pay off when you reach your objectives. And, if you aren't able to.