​Why does EA have such wierd OVR/Player selection


I actually have a number of problems with EA, however certainly considered one among largest is how they have got upgraded playing cards the recently. For example, anybody is aware of how Ed Reed were given like 15 playing cards ultimate 12 months, however I see much less humans speakme approximately how BMarsh were given a release legend, then a maximum feared LTD whilst his Legend changed into nonetheless quite viable. Then he were given not anything till just like the ultimate Vets drop? Like area it out higher? It's now no longer difficult?

And this 12 months there may be an eighty one OVR OLB for the Rams (Justin Lawler) who has 7 CAREER tackles. Like how does he get an eighty one? Not to say the maximum dominant card this 12 months, Donald Parham Jr., has a complete of 30 CAREER receptions. Like they could not have given a dominant TE card to Waller/Kelce/Andrews/and so on. Like virtually confirmed TEs?

Finally we were given a few Headliners II famous nowadays. JOK (OLB for the Browns) has an eighty OVR center elite. Why is he slightly getting an improve to an eighty two OVR this promo? Like what is the factor? Same with Terrell Edmunds. He has a center seventy one gold being upgraded to a seventy four Headliners. Again, why?

It's awful sufficient legends dominate the pinnacle of MUT, however whilst no call gamers get a number of the fine playing cards in the sport and now no longer the real correct NFL gamers it is so bizarre to me. Like do not you observed they might make extra money, in the event that they made a number of the higher known, greater preferred gamers clearly correct and marketplace them? I simply do not get it.

Ok, so if men have been correctly rated the sport might appearance quite comparable maximum years. But if this 12 months you may in no way clearly get a very good Ed Reed(insert anything participant) then subsequent 12 months whilst he receives an top notch card humans will exit of the manner to get him. If they have got an top notch card each 12 months you’ll take it for granted. So as to why there’s random humans getting top notch playing cards? In order to hold it clean for the maximum element as to who has the coolest playing cards, they stopped being concerned who did what of their profession and simply commenced setting anybody withinside the rotation.

There’s nonetheless a few weight to having a very good profession due to the fact large names promote higher however make no mistake.. it’s an set of rules designed to get humans to shop for the maximum shit. That’s the literal simplest factor that matters, they don’t care what the call on the cardboard is, they simplest care whether or not or now no longer you’ll purchase it. And due to the fact they have got different rights for the close to destiny and probably lengthy after that, they're making plans for optimum long time achievement and aren’t simply seeking to maximize this years achievement.

Couldn't disagree with you greater aleven though. There are maximum clearly dudes that get top notch playing cards each 12 months, like Calvin Johnson (WR and FS), Sean Taylor, Bo Jackson, Randy Moss, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and so on. And then there are very marketable dudes that have not had a very good card in years, like Patrick Mahomes despite the fact that he is actually been on the quilt two times when you consider that M20.

And earlier than you are saying Patrick did get correct playing cards, ask your self what number of humans did you spot on line walking Mahomes? Next to none. His launch sucked, we needed to bully EA into giving him gunslinger on his TOTW ultimate 12 months, and he would not are becoming some other improve after that if a person did not Golden Ticket him, and he changed into a cowl boy ultimate 12 months!

I'd agrue the ultimate time we had a very good Patrick Mahomes on the pinnacle of the meta changed into M20 Superstar MVP Mahomes, which changed into the release promo. Not to say in case your principle changed into authentic, there might be distinctive subject matter groups dominating the meta each 12 months, and there simply is not. It's nearly usually the 9ers, Cowboys, Raiders, Ravens, and so on. So I do not see any kind of "cycle" going on. And I'd be inclined to guess a very good sum of money Ed Reed receives a few quite rattling correct playing cards this 12 months.

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