​Why I've by no means had a queue gambling


Why I've by no means had a queue gambling 3 hours an afternoon on bene? This is what I've been doing and I recognize for a few humans it wont exercise session properly.

I've heard a lot of complaining abt gambling on a megaserver and the queues blah blah, I admit I facet with them a TINY bit however rather than posting to reddit abt how I can not get in I attempted some thing that has been operating perfectly and it's far SOOO EASY.

Drumroll please... Just awaken at three-four AM. Now earlier than u say you want sleep we could say you need eight hours of sleep and also you visit mattress at 12ish and awaken at eight (Since that is WoW gamers I'll do the mathsematics for ya) all you need to do is pass what time you visit mattress with the aid of using four-five hours and awaken at three-four and u get the identical quantity of sleep.

What I'm announcing is the whole lot you do withinside the evenings which include ready in queue for eight hours rather you could simply sleep and gambling no queue earlier than you visit faculty/paintings.

Pros of this:

1, Not sleepy eyed while you visit paintings.

2, Brain features higher being properly rested.

3, If you've got got children there be asleep (QUIET HOUSE!).

4, No queue in any respect so no greater reddit posting.

5, Only humans on are prolly sleep disadvantaged from staying up all night time so every body is chill.

Cons of this:

1, Only one I can think about is having a wacky sleep agenda while you cross again to ordinary.

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